April comes to a close…

April has been a mildly better month for us, as I am still recovering really well from my spinal surgery, and our son’s school year is getting near the end.  Also, our daughter has started talking a lot more, able to express what she wants so much easier.

I have also been developing some great friendships with other planner ladies.

Arlyne from Mettlehead Designer
Kitty from  Mermaid Kitty
Susan from Mermaid Soul Paper
Elizabeth from  Lizzie’s Planner Clips
Lisa from  LoveNotesWashi

As we get things back to normal, I have been getting back into the swing of things in my planners.  I really missed doing the decorative planning in my Erin Condren, but I also acquired a Mini Happy Planner a couple of months ago, and I am having a blast decorating that as well – because after all, my Erin Condren has been adopted by the whole family, so it is not quite ‘mine’ like it used to be!

This week, the Erin Condren kit that I used was from Ashley at A Melancholy Moose on Etsy.   She hand-draws the majority of her stickers (I say majority because I have yet to have the time to view every design she has listed, they’re all so cute I don’t want to just breeze past them!)!  I love all the stickers there and since we have been having a sort of marathon in our family dinner time, this kit was perfect for this week!

I love the quality of Ashley’s stickers as well, she’s done an amazing job with the drawings and the coloration, and even the cut lines are perfect!  Sizing fit perfectly and I was able to reposition one of the date covers when I placed it on a bit crooked!  I will definitely be a repeat customer!

My son had never seen Harry Potter before, and though I had tried to get him interested in the books when he was 7 years old, he was not really very interested yet.  Of course most parents would say that I had tried too soon, but he was always an exceptional reader, reading levels that were a year or two higher than his current one.

Now, he is totally interested in the entire series, and actually looks forward to each movie.  I told him that he can read all the books once we have finished the series, and he’s very excited to do so!  I’m a nerdy mom, I guess, since I am almost more excited than he is, about the prospect of him reading them all and being interested in this sort of literature!  Are there any other mothers out there who  have been excited to get their kids interested in their own nerdy fun?

As for my Mini Happy Planner, I chose a kit to represent how I’ve been feeling lately.  It is the Gypsy kit by Stephanie at the printables shop BeaYOUtiful Planning.  Now, I have to say that the photos do not do this kit justice.  The I printed the kit in a lighter color scheme, simply because I am getting low on ink and did not want to run out in the middle of it.  If I were to print it in a higher quality, this kit is so much more gorgeous than it shows in my photo!   I had so much fun actually using this kit while doing a live session in one of the FaceBook groups I frequent:  Late Night Crafters.   We talked about all sorts of things while I filmed the Plan With Me, and because of that and how beautiful the kit is, I will treasure this week moreso than I would having just dealt with my flaring chronic symptoms!

I tend to use my Mini for mostly my own purposes, not really sharing it with my family.  Because of this, I may not always share my spreads, due to the potentially personal nature of the stickers that might appear in there!  I should also add, the stickers I used to track how I was feeling and the small habits we have for the week, came from a few different shops:
Anxiety Aids
Bubba Bear Studios
Miscellany Boulevard

I have to thank those shops for continuously providing some of the best stickers I have ever used.  I love them on a weekly basis, and I will be a longtime customer!  Thank you ladies!

I also did the week for my journal, with May in mind, since we are almost there.  I am a bit sad that April is drawing to a close, simply because I love all the rain we get around this time, and I really hope that it continues into May, at least somewhat.  May should definitely be a beautiful month and that is what I plan on showing in my journal as our family prepares for summer!

Now, most of you might call what I do Bullet Journaling, but in reality it is not.  Bullet Journaling is more of a style of journaling in which you create lists, bullets… if you will (yes yes… there’s a reason for the name!).  What I do has much more of an artistic feel, and therefore is more of an art journal/planner.  I do tend to hashtag Bullet Journaling because there is not really a group that I have found with a certain name for what I do, at least yet, and if I never find one, I will be creating a name!  For now, my sexy little Leuchtturm1917 Official Bullet Journal will just be refered to as “my journal”.

I am working on uploading a Plan With Me video from my creation of this spread, and until then, feel free to ask me any questions about it!

Needless to say,

I am so happy to be back, and I hope that there are still some subscribers out there who are still interested to see what I have to say!

Let me know what YOUR favorite planner style is, and if you have a hard time choosing, as I do!

Until next time, Plan your Crafty Spirit!