Influenster Darling VoxBox!

I have to admit that every time I get a new VoxBox, I am ultra excited about it, even if it’s stuff that I will be using on my kids, or giving to family to review for me!

This time was no different.  I received several items I plan to use, and even a coupon for a product we use on a daily basis, just with a slight difference, so I already know I’ll probably be pleased!

If you’re interested in watching the unboxing, here’s the video!

For anyone interested in becoming a Darling of Influenster, visit them here!

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Heather Diane
Blogger, Artist, Crafter, Mom at Life N Lilies
Heather is an artist and designer who started very young. She studies anything she develops an interest in, so that she can better her mind on a daily basis. She writes, designs printables, crafts, freelances in photography and jewelcraft and loves meeting new people. She resides in Gardner, Kansas with her husband and two children.

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