Oh joy….

So things were going so well with me, we finally got the great house we’d been wanting for such a long time, our son is in a great school, we have great local friends, we seemed to be getting along with each other really well, I had been finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a
llowing me to finally get treatment that would help me to avoid pain and exhaustion that plagued my every day previously, I had spinal surgery that was reducing the insane amount of pain I had been living with…

Now, I am not going to say that my whole life fell apart, because that would be a total exxaggeration.  No, just several of the things mentioned above have hit big snags.  We’ve started fighting (though we are now working on things), our son has had many more issues with his ADHD, causing his school to not feel quite so hunky dory (though we will be seeing a psychiatrist next week), my exhaustion has been coming back because my brain fog has been messing with my ability to remember to take my medication, which leads to a messy house, which increases my anxiety (so I am going to set alarms again for my medication times!), our local friends seem to be getting quieter with us (though that could be partly due to my recovery from my surgery – maybe they’re just giving us space?), and bam! my blog dies.  ACK!

It had been so therapeutic so often for me to write things out in my blog, as opposed to just having to deal with them myself, or letting them stress me out in my daily life.  Now it is all gone!  I made a tiny little edit, which rendered the whole site dead, and unfortunately, I was unable to restore, because I could not even log in!!  My whole online writing presence just crashed and burned!

BUT!  There is a bright side to the blog situation too!  This has allowed me to start fresh and clear out all the negative energy that I may have had in the blog in the previous years.  It has also let me rebrand/redesign the logo and add in mailing lists.  I have been able to separate the blog into better categories:

Spirit:  All things relating to the human spirit, religion, new age goodies and so-called nonsense (by others, not by me!)

Planning:  All things relating to getting your life on track, and having fun doing it!

Crafting:  All things relating to making things with your talents, using multiple types of media and even some thrifty types of crafting!

HomeLife:  This will be all things relating to home life, products used, relationships, illnesses, all of that sort of thing!  I wanted to name it Home, but that’s what button you push to get to the main page of a site!  Meh!

So, pull up a chair, or a bean bag or a yoga mat, and let’s delve right into this new opportunity for me to share my thoughts and crafts!  I look forward to it, and I hope you do too!

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Heather Diane
Blogger, Artist, Crafter, Mom at Life N Lilies
Heather is an artist and designer who started very young. She studies anything she develops an interest in, so that she can better her mind on a daily basis. She writes, designs printables, crafts, freelances in photography and jewelcraft and loves meeting new people. She resides in Gardner, Kansas with her husband and two children.

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